If you worry about know that digital marketing strategy for jewellery brand so you read this blog& also want to learn how to promote jewellery business online

Digital Marketing Strategy For Jewellery Brand – A Complete For Beginners

Despite the exponential growth of the jewellery industry.

There is a common question asked by the jewellers is” how to promote jewellery business online or what digital marketing strategy for jewellery brand can help to generate more sales?” 

If you are also looking for these answers

Then this guide is for you

Unlockgrow will help all jewellers store to know how digital marketing for jewelry stores can help them increase their site traffic, conversion rate.

Nowadays, every woman wears at least one piece of jewellery every day to increase business competition.

 You have an online presence so you beat your competitor the easy way.

The jewellery marketing ideas are lots of to increase brand reputation and your sales will be better as and also it is not a costly timeless method.

So here you are, looking for some unique strategy to increase your sales.

You have come to the right place because unlockgrow is an expert in digital marketing strategy for jewellery brand.

This article shares some best ideas for digital marketing for jewellery.

Keep reading to learn which marketing strategy you have applied!!

Why are you important that Digital marketing for jewellery?

According to google, the jewellery industry has seen a 10-15% decrease year by year in revenue.

70% of consumers buy jewellery before checking brands online and also check reviews.

If your competitor is there, consumers buy jewellery for your competitor.

Marketing Plan Tips: How to Promote Jewellery Business online

1. Create a website: 

Whether you have an online store or a showroom, a beautiful website is key to attract more clients and crucially increase your revenue.

 A good website means less open website speed and mobile-friendly design. 

You have also needed multiple web pages on the homepage that provide in-depth information about your brand and landing page (services page) highlighting different jewellery line products.

Featured below is the landing page (Homepage) for Tanishq – an online boutique that specializes in artificial jewellery. 

This page has a good layout and images for a great user experience. 

As you can see, the product is described in an easy to understand way with no distraction.

The best way to know about digital marketing strategy for jewellery brand. The blog can help to find out that how to promote jewellery business on Instagram

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

After you have a strong site for your jewellery business that is updated on Google, you must work on search engine optimization or SEO. 

Optimizing your website means modifying and improving certain aspects of your website according to google search console rules. 

If your site isn’t optimized according to rules, you can’t reach out to your potential client which means you are giving up sales to your competitors. 

You can learn how SEO works for the jewellery business or you can hire an expert.

Want to learn digital marketing strategy for jewellery brand. The blog will teach you the eminent way to Digital marketing for Jewellery

3. Local SEO (Google My Business) Listing

Digital marketing for jewelry stores does necessarily create a google my business listing. 

You can drive traffic by posting your store pictures on the GMB listing.

Not only will your store show up on google search but the user can also find directions to your showroom and read genuine reviews and understand your business. 

As per the MOZ report, GMB listing contributes to 15% of the overall factors, making it a vital aspect in digital marketing strategy for jewellery brand. 

Read our blog on how to add your shop in google map for more insights.

Since the most number of searches are locally today in a natural way to get more clients on GMB listing.

One feature below for Tanishq will drive more store visits and high revenue. 

As you can see, the GMB listing showcases the address, contact details, the direction of store working hours and image of showrooms to attract more consumers. 

They can also visit their website easily and see the products.

The blog will teach you that digital marketing strategy for jewellery brand and also learn about digital marketing for a jewellery brand

 4. Content marketing

The one thing that the internet is known for is tons of valuable content that help to increase ranking in SEO. 

Keep in mind that 33% of organic clicks go to the first three search results and 434% more index pages on one keyword phase in google. 

Which means the content is relevant and easy to understand.

Here Unlockgrow shares some important strategy for content marketing for jewellery.

The blog can cover infographics, embedded videos and intriguing images that keep viewers hooked and read the page.

Another reason content marketing for jewellery stores is to create a great jewellery store on a different platform and highlight all unique products. 

Using lots of valuable information. If you are interested in learning more about how to drive more visitors to your website with blog and content, you can read about content marketing for jewellery business on this page.

If you want to know in-depth information about digital marketing strategy for jewellery brand & the blog will learn about content marketing for jewellery

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media is an important part of digital marketing for jewelry store or showrooms because clients spend more than four hours on different social media platforms.

If you are present and active in those platforms so your audience definitely buys jewellery from you otherwise they buy from your competitors. 

Take advantage of all social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to promote, engage with your followers and educate.

Some steps to engage with your audience 

  • If you have a jewellery page so keep posting content consistently (if you don’t know how content is created for jewellery read this)
  • Try to engage as can as to your audience/followers. The best way to engage with your audience to reply to their comment.

Here Unlockgrow share an important tip for social media strategy for jewellery brand

  • Regular information and promoting the consistency of your product
  • Event promotion
  • Group promotion for awareness 
  • Selfie and tag contest for engagement and brand recall
The best way to learn about digital marketing strategy for jewellery brand & want to learn about social media strategy for jewellery brand

6. Get fast results with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising

They have lost their way to advertise on a different platform. 

We understand some basic differences between how to promote jewellery business on Instagram / Facebook and how to promote jewellery business online.

Facebook and Instagram are social media platforms.

In an online world, 70% of ads run on Facebook and Instagram. 

That is why if your target client is spending time on it, run ads on those platforms and sell your products.

Now we understand why PPC advertising is important because the PPC platform have enough data for your targeting audience who, where, when online it. 

The blog will teach you digital marketing strategy for jewellery brand & want to learn about Digital Marketing for Jewelry Stores

7. Nurture buyers into a client with Email Marketing

Some jewellers didn’t collect email for your existing client. 

Now, in pandemic email marketing is good to reach out to your client at no cost.

It is a two-part process

  • Collects email when your client buys products to ask to give your email address. I sent an e-invoice. It is an easy way to ask your client for an email.
  • Nurture email: when you have new products so you can educate your client with an email sequence in which you can sell your new products and offers.
The best way to learn about digital marketing strategy for jewellery brand. The blog will teach you how to promote jewellery business online

We have 5+ years of experience in the digital marketing industry and also help you scale your business online using our expertise in digital platforms.

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