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Nowadays, it is difficult to find the right SEO agency in surat. SEO algorithms are constantly changing, which makes it important to daily update and upgrade the websites as well.

Our SEO Process










What is included in our SEO Services?

SEO Site Audit

Investigating the current status of the website for SEO parameters such as technical, off-page & on-page to identify the problem for site improvement and describe the right progress plan and strategy for managing the SEO goal.

SEO Keyword Research

Classifying the right target keywords is extremely valuable in the SEO process. Keywords should be related to the industry. Also, we compare search volume and competition while quickly listing the target keywords.

Technical & On-Page Optimisation

Our SEO expert in Surat will work on optimizing various SEO parameters in target pages to update the page relevancy and user experience to outrank the website on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

SEO Copywriting

In SEO, content is the key to increase relevancy and user involvement. Engaging content will develop user trust and average time on site. These metrics will help better keywords ranking on search engines.

UI/UX Suggestions

Now, Google gives higher importance to user involvement. User-friendly website layout, engaging content, cramming time, mobile responsiveness, navigation will decrease the bounce rate and boost the average time on site. It will develop the site ranking for point keywords.


Before beginning a project, we check all SEO parameter situations that we retain as a baseline statement to measure the execution. Moreover, we will give weekly SEO reports with exercises sent out for the special week and the keywords ranking process.

Dedicated Support

We expand committed account managers for all SEO projects to extend our assistance to our customers. Our account managers will organise with clients and almost work with the in-house team to complete the project and deliver engaged results.

Backlink Management

High-quality backlinks production is a highly powerful process in SEO. We offer advice to increase different source domains and overall backlinks to the sites. We also examine the opponent's backlinks and generate backlinks from the opponent backlinks domains.

Best SEO Company In Surat - FAQ's

What does SEO mean?

SEO reaches for Search Engine Optimisation. It is done to increase the relevancy of the site target pages for industry-related keywords to rank the website raised on Google search results. A more important ranking will lead to a rise in organic traffic and leads/sales. UnlockGrow, one of the best SEO experts in Surat, gives ROI-based SEO services. Want to improve your business online? Then call our specialists today.

Who needs SEO services?

Each business that is scanning for online visibility to boost their sales and extend their business, should be SEO services forward with our UnlockGrow digital marketing seo services in surat.

Why are SEO services important?

When you move the marketing funds towards digital marketing, the initial field you should focus on is SEO to get natural traffic. The quality of the users developing through organic effects is highly related to paid campaign users. SEO is a long term process but yields better results and ROI for your business. that's why UnlockGrow is one of the seo services in surat

Which is the Best SEO company in Surat?

UnlockGrow is the Best SEO Company in Surat, India. We give performance-based SEO services. Our SEO specialists keep updating their knowledge in the SEO business and perform SEO Expert to deliver the best results for the customers.